Salmon with Roe Sauce and Potatoes
plate cup


1 half salmon
1 jar of roe, preferrably red (about 1/3 cup)
sour cream, about 2 cups (or creme fraiche, if you have it, it's a kind of tart cream)
1 small piece of leek, finely chopped
pepper and some salt
ocean salt (coarse salt)
potatoes (to boil)

Start boiling the potatoes. Mix together creme fraiche/sour cream with the red roe, add chopped leek, pepper and MAYBE some salt (the roe is salt), let it stand in fridge until the salmon is done.

Put the salmon, skin down and meat up, in a large baking tin (cover the bottom with ocean salt). Sprinkle some salt on top of the salmon and put in the oven, about 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 min, check after a while, you don't want the meat to be dry. When the salmon is done, take it out and decorate it with dill and lemon, you might want to squeeze some lemon juice on top. The skin will fall off as soon as you start cutting the fish and the meat will MELT in your mouth! For anyone who loves fish (and for that matter, anyone who thinks they hate fish, I've seen people who never eats fish eat this and take more) this is an easy, festive and scrumptious meal. And it's Swedish, by the way, we eat this anytime there's lots of salmon in the waters around here, but most often during summer.

This recipe courtesy of Annette from Visit her for more of her awesome Swedish recipes!

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